'Tribe Leaders'

Gemma Le Roy & Martin Peterson - Founders and Event Directors 

Between us, we create, design, market and manage all of the Tribal Sports Events.
Both coming from a background of logistics and events we know what a good event looks like.


My background for the last 9 years, has been in events, logistics and project management. I have a love for running: marathons, ultra marathons, trail, road, obstacle races, as well as open water swimming and triathlons . Locally, in Chichester, I also manage a number of young students with Duke of Edinburgh and Outdoor Adventure Training. One day in the near future, I would like to complete my first Ironman distance Triathlon. 


My background has been in construction, logistics and project management. I have spent many years as a keen mountain biker, but now I have moved across to the dark side and become an enthusiastic 'Roady' with an unhealthy love for 'lycra'!. A few passions of mine, as well as Road Racing, I also love to compete in Triathlons, Marathons, Ultra Marathons and Obstacle Racing. I hope to complete my first Ironman in 2017 
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